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Investment Planning

Our investment universe

Working your way through hundreds of funds in an effort to make relevant recommendations to your clients can be time consuming and frustrating. That’s why Graviton provides you with a complete range of unit trusts that are carefully screened and researched by an experienced investment team.

Our Multi-strategy Approach


Get Access

Get access to a range of carefully selected and structured investment solutions.

  • The Graviton investment team screens all available fund managers and funds, leveraging off the extensive resources within Sanlam Investments.
  • Funds and managers are subjected to extensive and ongoing due diligence investigations to select the leading local and international investment managers and third-party providers.
  • Funds are combined in a disciplined and robust approach to create tailor-made investment solutions that meet a range of investor needs.
Get all of the insights

Get all of the insights and benefits, without the time-consuming research.

  • We are committed to providing independent economic, market and fund research that enhances your advice process.
  • We help you make sense of changes in the financial landscape while giving you the option to outsource time-consuming aspects of investment research.
Optimise returns

Optimise your clients' returns through asset allocation.

  • We develop solutions within the framework of asset allocation, determining how clients' investments should be allocated between asset classes to maximise their returns within specific risk parameters.
  • By including passive investments and not charging performance fees, we further enhance returns.
Reward investors

Reward your investors for taking the necessary risk.

  • We use investment strategies that represent different asset allocations, as building blocks.
  • Each strategy is set to have a certain asset allocation and time horizon to ensure that investors are rewarded for the risk they take on.
  • The investment team uses the resources of the Sanlam Group to select the primary fund managers for each of the proposed asset classes.
  • Fund managers are subjected to extensive due diligence investigations to identify the leading funds for the different strategies.

Benefit from a unique amalgamation of different investment strategies.

  • The combination of strategies determines how much each solution can allocate to risk assets such as equities, taking into account the solution's objectives and risk profile.
  • The result is a simplified range of four multi-strategy, Regulation 28-compliant unit trust funds structured to meet your clients' needs.

Why Partner with a Graviton Adviser

Let us help you help your clients reach their financial goals and achieve sustainable wealth.

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