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Retirement Planning

The future is now

It’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement – you know that, but do your clients? Very few people truly realise the importance of getting retirement advice early on in their careers, and even fewer understand the implications of the gradual shift by employers from a Defined Benefit to a Defined Contribution landscape. That’s why we are committed to giving ordinary people access to sound and sustainable financial advice, and to helping them improve their respective investment and retirement planning choices. Today Graviton is the preferred consultant to over 65 000 retirement fund members.

Comprehensive Support

Our Retirement Planning Services encompass the following:

  • Providing members of retirement funds with online information via an interactive, personalised retirement planning platform.
  • Promoting the role of independent financial advisers, and providing access to financial advice that addresses the different retirement fund options.
  • Providing relevant information and advice on the most appropriate investment solutions for retirement.
  • Proactively working with trustees, employers and the regulator to create workable and practical solutions appropriate for exiting/retiring fund members.

Online Retirement Planning Portal

Graviton Retirement Planning services extends to a web-based portal that is designed to provide fund members with:

  • Appropriate information and service upfront, during membership and after retirement.
  • Access to tiered financial advice that is relevant to each individual’s personal needs.
  • Clear and accurate information about fund fees and costs.
  • Information pertaining to respective governance structures, and the role of the board of trustees.

Platform Integration

Many retirement funds battle to tailor their communication and education programmes to meet the needs and financial literacy of their members. The Graviton Retirement Planning platform is designed to support and complement existing member services, therefore enabling us to work closely with retirement funds in aligning our services to their benefit structures.

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